Aarohan Day 2 – Speaker Session – IV : Mr. Vikas Gupta

Role of Marketing in Tiding over the Economic Crises by Mr. Vikas Gupta , Founder & Director, 9.9 Mediaworx Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Vikas Gupta, Founder & Director, 9.9 Mediaworx Pvt. Ltd. addressed the gathering on the Role of Marketing in Tiding over Economic Crisis. The speech illuminated on the Shades of grey in marketing and how that interpretation is what that makes the difference in the corporate scenario. He dispelled the myth quite convincingly that Marketing is not just glitzy glamour!! He simplified that its just as simple as “Pursuit of “HAPPY”ness”. A happiness cycle that brightens the lives of customers, corporate, employees and stakeholders. Mr. Vikas also expounded the importance of circulation of money to sustain the economy.


Mr. Vikas Gupta’s All time Saviour Tips were all about marketing features, and not price; the significance of consumption mapping while planning media strategies and the overwhelming power of internet. Also, the impact an innovation can have, was illustrated with examples.  The very fact that Marketing has no black and white logic, and it’s all about painting it with your own hues of sparks of creativity was also explained. To conclude, Mr. Vikas spoke on the very essence of marketing and its contribution to stimulate demand.  This was followed by an intense question and answer session and it was a huge exposure to the students to get Gyan from a stalwart in the Marketing Industry.


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