Final Event of Aarohan : Day 1 – The Marketing Debate


The concluding event of the day “Customer Loyalty- A reality or myth?” was a more than just a debate between the two batches of BIM. It was a war of ideas and thoughts which brought about an interesting perspective on the topic.

From PGP-1, advocating that Customer Loyalty is still alive today, Shyam Prasad, Bharathi Swetha and Captain. Jyotsna Venkatramanan put across points that conveyed its not the money, but the value that a customer sees in a brand that makes him “loyal”.

From PGP 2- Battling on the other side were Jyotsana Menon, Shiva Aditya and Utsav (Captain of PGP-2) who fought it hard to prove that “Loyalty” and “Consumers” can never go hand in hand. Judah Jebadas who was the moderator managed to keep the audience glued on with his witty comments.

The first day of Aarohan saw a lot of inspiring thoughts and perspectives on issues that seemed impossible to face. What started off on a positive note with “BIG Ideas” seemed to gain momentum throughout the day. The day ended only in terms of the sessions, but was a new beginning for every member present in terms of their outlook for the challenging future that lies ahead.


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