CRESCITA ’14 Starts in Style!


Crescita 2014 had a dream start with the opening session by Mr. Dato’ Narayanan. The theme of his talk was nicely intertwined with the theme of Crescita “Swarupa”, the progress of the Indian economy and how the heritage of India has played a part in making India what it is. Explaining “Swarupa” Mr. Narayanan explained that growth is necessary and an important catalyst for the same is in embracement of change and innovation. His speech focused on the potential which India as a country possesses and highlighted critical economic factors which makes India an attractive destination for the near and possibly in long term future too. Another critical area which he focused on was the emergence of the “Knowledge Based Economy” and how India has significantly leveraged on the same. From the time when computer and internet was a luxury in India, to contemporary days when Indian multinationals such as Infosys have been harbinger of India’s prowess in technology, India has become a force to reckon with. He held faith in India and Indians that with proper organization both as a state and as a person, we have it in us to make it big. He highlighted how there has been a phenomenal growth in the adoption of technology and various allied offerings be it social media or e-business and so on.

Dato' Narayanan Kanan

Second half of his speech focused on glorious heritage of our country and how the Indian’s characteristic of being humble and confident have made them leaders. The long Asian tradition of recognizing neighbor’s needs, being compassionate and empathetic have resulted in Asian companies overtaking American ones, Samsung overtaking Apple being a case in this point. He emphasized on strong communication abilities which he mentioned was a strength of Indian managers helping them to scale global heights and lead many Fortune 500 companies. In his closing thoughts he put forward his faith in future managers to lead and venture into new paths. He emphasized that BIM has played a strong role in its contribution towards building and nurturing competent managers with integrity in them.

Wow! What a start it was!


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