Innovation and Creativity – Mr. Siva Subramaniam, CEO, The PaperClip

The third event of CRESCITA 2013 was the speech on ‘Innovation’ by Mr. Siva Subramaniam, an eminent trainer in Innovation and a Qualified Buzan Inspector in Mind Mapping. He has also authored the book – “The book of 11 beliefs”, a best seller in innovation. The session started with the video of Pranav Mistry’s sixth sense technology – the various applications it can offer and how did the original idea materialize. Following the video, Mr. Shiva reasoned that the video was played to stress the fact that each and every one is an innovator and is as good as Pranav Mistry is.

Mr. Siva Subramaniam

He then enlightened the audience with the 5 ingredients needed for any innovation:
The first ingredient was: “Belief in Oneself”. The classic definition of creativity is “to believe in oneself”. Mr. Shiva said that belief may get lost several times, but, it is creativity that allows us to fail and learn from those failures.

The second ingredient was: “Imagination”. He emphasized that we should not confine ourselves to textbooks and instead he insisted that we should use our imagination to go beyond where the textbooks lead.

The third ingredient was: “Seeking for Problems to Solve”. Mr. Shiva gave personal examples to make a point that one should proactively seek for problems to solve and the will to do so and this, according to him will open up many opportunities for one to unleash the hidden creativity in oneself.

The fourth ingredient was “Generation of Ideas”. He elaborated on innovative steps to generate ideas by taking real time examples and encouraged out-of-the-box solutions.

The fifth and the final ingredient was “Implementation”. He stated that the implementation of one’s ideas was the gateway to unleash one’s creativity.

Mr. Shiva concluded his speech by emphasizing that the essence of Creativity (The Swarupa of Creativity) lies in “Owning the Problem”.

It was truly a “thought-provoking” session.


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