The second day of Crescita’14 started-off with a brief lecture by Mr. Chandra Mohan- Chief Financial officer of TAFE – the world’s second largest tractor manufacturer. He spoke on the role of Finance in Product Life Cycle Management and the role of R&D, the drive of business and the importance of synergy between teams. He also reiterated the fact that finance is not about numbers alone, but a Finance person should understand the business and what adds value to the top-line and the bottom-line. If you want to grow allow your subordinates to grow and hold on to your passion forever.

Mr. Chandra Mohan

The lecture was followed by signing of two Memorandum of understandings between BIM and Tentacle technologies and BIM and Hitachi Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Tentacle technologies will enable the start-up of research activities and software development projects in BIM and in turn the institute will provide the class rooms and other infrastructure required.


In the case of Hitachi Solutions India Pvt. Ltd this strategic academic – industry collaboration initiative enables training of students of BIM in Enterprise Resource Planning Overview enabling through Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM functional areas. This partnership between the Academia and Industry would not only facilitate knowledge sharing by the Industry but also help the companies in hiring the best talent from the Campus.

“We are very glad to start up this strategic initiative with BIM, as this will give us access to the highly Oriented Business Management Graduates from BIM to meet our growth requirements in the coming years” said Ananthanarayanan (Ananth) Subramanian, CEO, Hitachi Solutions India.

Tentacle Technologies

This was followed by a session by Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan – CEO & Executive director at Mudra communications on Branding. Mr.Narayanan explained how “Brand Essence is the simplest and the most single minded expression.” He ended his speech with an advice to budding managers:  “Be curious; Follow your passion ; Remember you are a professional ; Be grounded “.

A panel discussion on Analytics attended by the leaders in the field followed.

The panel consisted of

Mr. Derick Jose, Director – Big Data Solutions, Flutura Decision Sciences,

Mr. Ettikan Kandasamy Karuppiah, Research, Strategy, Management (Principal Engineer), MIMOS, Malaysia’s national R&D centre,

Mr. Ganesh Ramakrishnan, COO and Managing Director, iLink Systems.

Mr. Karthik Thenalur P, Business Solution Manager, iLink Systems.
The discussion revolved around how there has been a paradigm change from  reactive use of analytics to proactive use of analytics. It was observed that a good data scientist needs to have good understanding of business, mathematics and underlying data.

Analytics Panel

A Marketing Debate competition among the students of BIM Trichy , IIM Trichy and NIT Trichy on the topic “ Consumers are the new Brand Managers “ was held in the evening.



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