Speaker Session : I – Ms. Moushumi Bose , Founder – Divinity Consultant



Ms.Moushumi Bose,Founder, HR-Executive & Life Coach, Divinity Consultant was the second speaker of the day. She took us on a “Diversity & Inclusivity Journey” which was a path filled with the significant strategies that are essential to handle today’s shrinking talent pool and ways to attract and retain talent. She brought out the different skills of the various workforce segments and believes that their collective efforts could bring about a remarkable transformation in the workplace. She emphasized that “Generational and Gender Harmony” would result in a positive correlation with the company’s performance.

A “diversity de tour” of various countries across the World was an eye-opener on today’s workforce realities. The demographic trend – a “must-know” business tool for all the firms to analyze – was dealt in detail, as it is the expected “Business Alarm” of the near future. Mature Organizations are expected to be “quick-reactors” to the diverse needs and need to realize that failing to include diversity policies would only mean a big loss.

The various individual and Organizational barriers that stop women from chasing their dreams were analyzed and according to Ms. Moushumi, it is the women today who are under a massive “brain drain”. The stubborn realities that are responsible for today’s state of affairs was elaborated on along with the metamorphosis of “Male Profiling” of women to “Uber cool and composed” women leaders of today.

Excellent negotiating skills, ability to prioritize, work-life balance, a complete “NO-NO” to aggressive attitude would be the essential characteristics that is expected out of women at workplace today, to break the “glass-ceiling” and reach the top spot. The sensitivity of gender related workplace issues was dealt, and how Organizations have adopted policies to make every individual feel important. Today’s workforce would be willing to be a part of an Organization which would respect and value their talent and not evaluate them on any other parameters.

It was a session that brought out the not so commonly spoken about topics with clarity and something that will stimulate every one of us to think about.


Inaugural Session by Mr. Austin P.M., CEO, MaxValue Univ

Has any inaugural address started with a quiz…? It did at Crescita 2013..Yes..It happens only at BIM !!!

To be successful, you need to understand the interconnection between the mind and the body. This would lead you to peak performance!

Austin PM, CEO, Max Value University.



Scaling New Heights – AAROHAN

Big Idea I: Mind Over Matter!
Big Idea II: The Myth of Hard Work!
Big Idea III: The Rise of the Right Brain!
Big Idea IV: The New Literacy!
Big Idea V: Taking Moon Shots!
– Austin PM, CEO, Max Value University.

~~ The Ultimate Revelation ~

Aarohan Inaugural Session

Crescita, the Annual Conference of Bharathidasan Institute of Management was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Mr Austin P.M, CEO, Maxvalue Univ.  .The kuthuvilakku was lighted by The Chief Guest M, distinguished speaker Ms. Moushammi Bose, Shri. Nagarajan, The Director of BIM,  Prof.Sundar, The Chairman of Crescita 2013 and Prof. Sabari, the Vice Chairman of Crescita 2013..

The welcome address was presented by Shri. A. Nagarajan and this was followed by the Chief Guest’s address.

Mr. Austin P.M.’s brilliant presentation started on a rather unconventional note – a quiz on famous people to ignite the excitement in students. The enthusiasm was sustained throughout his speech that started with a couple of simple neurolinguistic exercises that cascaded down to power of the unconscious mind. He elaborated on the significance of doing the things that matter most – aptly called as “Mind Over Matter”, Aiming for the best described as “ Taking Moon Shots” and sensible prioritizing of tasks at hand – “Law of Least Effort” !

The session was a revelation of sorts that fit this year’s theme – Scaling New Heights and what better way to kick start this prestigious conference!?!?! 

This was followed by the Vote of Thanks by Prof. Sabari and with it begins our two day intellectual journey towards, so as to speak in words of Mr. Austin – “Learntainemnt”.

Athenaeum 2012

The Centre for Contemporary Management Research (CECMAR), the research wing of Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli kick-started Athenaeum 2012, the VIth International Conference on management research on 11th February 2012, at SRM Hotel, Tiruchirappalli. Athenaeum is an annual conference being chaired by Dr. P.David Jawahar, Professor and Chairman, CECMAR. The theme for this year’s conference was “Innovative Management Strategies for Global Competitiveness and Sustainability”.

The two-day long conference, has seen large scale participation from researchers and students from both within and outside India. The conference over the years has seen participants from France, Mexico, USA, Belgium, Malaysia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Iran, Bangladesh and Pakistan presenting their papers. This year, a total of 78 papers are being presented, of which 4 are from foreign authors and the rest from India. The foreign delegates who have contributed research papers and are participating in this year’s conference are from Taiwan, Indonesia and Ghana.

The conference began with the traditional lighting of the Kutthu Vilakku by Dr.Jawahar, Shri A. Nagarajan, the Director of the Institute and Shri K. Subburaj, Chairman, Cethar Limited,Tiruchirappalli, the chief guest for the inaugural function.

The Director provided the welcome address while Dr. Jawahar, during his speech, traced the roots of Athenaeum over the years right from its inception. Mr.Subburaj, during his inaugural speech, stated his desire to put Tiruchirappalli in the industrial map of the country. He stressed the need for using the abundant resources available in our country to be competitive in this world. He hoped for this conference to bring solutions to a lot of industrial questions that are plaguing our industrial sector today. He further went on to throw light on the trait that differentiates an Entrepreneur from the rest. An “Entrepreneur wants to take life as it comes” He said.
The inaugural function concluded with the Chief guest releasing the first copy of the cd containing the papers to be presented during this year’s conference. While the director of BIM Shri A Nagarajan received it.

The inauguration was followed by a special lecture from Dr.Prafulla Agnihotri, Director, Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli on the topic of Compete and Conquer where he spoke about the changing global business Landscape. He stressed the need for using Social media and Buzz Marketing as efficient replacements to traditional marketing tools. He also brought to the fore the changing demographics around us involving changing roles for Women of our society and a change in today’s family structure as a result. He advised the students of today to be aware of the need to change and be adaptive to these changes to sustain themselves in the competitive market.
The research papers to be presented over the two days of the conference were categorized into several streams viz. Marketing, Finance, Human resource and General Management. Apart from this, the participants were further divided into two categories viz. PhD scholars and General. The papers will be judged by eminent Chair Persons and two best papers in each category will be awarded a cash prize and a certificate of merit.

The event over the two days, intends to showcase scholarly work from academia and industry on the same platform, providing a professional forum of idea interchange. Apart from the CD, A few select papers will come out in the form of a special issue Journal –The Journal of Contemporary Management Research, say the organizers of Athenaeum 2012.
The lead sponsors for the event include CETHAR Limited, and Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited.
The conference ends today with the valedictory function scheduled today (12th February 2012) at 02:30pm.

BIM Premier League

Cricket, the game known for its intensity, its passion and its sheer scale in India is surpassed by no other sport the country knows of. For the students at BIM,Trichy… the adrenal rush, the sport gives is no different from what the rest of the nation feels. May be even a bit more. For once, the Blazer clad BIMites transformed into a frenzied bunch of cricket fanatics as the campus wore a festive look with a variety of jersey colors for BPL … The BIM Premier league. BIM, Trichy’s very own cricket tournament.

Sportscom and BISMARC, the sports and marketing committees of the college had joined hands to make BPL more interesting by announcing a slew of contests to test how well the teams marketed themselves. A chance for the teams to put their learnings to good use. The teams were asked to prepare chants of their own and make their team Introductions culminating with the jersey unveiling in front of the audience. Typical of any tournament at an International level. The exercise carried awards for the best introduced team.
There were 10 teams lined up for the tournament split into two groups. The event had a healthy mix of teams representing both PGP1 and PGP2. The event kick started with the inaugural match played between the Teams, HUNTOS and SPARKLERS.
The tournament, A bounty of Sixers and fours, certainly lived up to its billing as an ultimate war between the bat and the ball. The bowlers had an enjoyable outing as well. Perhaps foreseeing this, A team had even announced a specific sum of money for every wicket they took towards SPIRITED, the institute’s social welfare initiative to provide Quality education for the less fortunate. The tournament also saw the introduction of the much famed Mangoose bat, A tool of Destruction which Kaushik prasanna of Team Galacticos ably used to score a rapid fire 92 off just 42 balls.

The league stages, though curtailed to 12 overs per side did not limit the batsmen to score heavily.. so much so that there was even a century by Achal Sreedharan of team THUNDER X. while the on field action heated up. The limelight off the field was hogged by Team Nakka Mukka Tigers(NMT) the perennial entertainers of the tournament. They left no stone unturned with their funny moments both on and off the field and reminded everyone of the energy and excitement one should have while approaching a game. NMT effectively marketed their team through their mascot Teebo, the tiger and through various sports events conducted during the innings breaks. It was no surprise then that this team of fifteen friendly tigers won the best marketed team award for this year.

The Tournament hit fever pitch during the last night of the league stages when the last year runners up, team Galacticos met the up and coming team from PGP1, The Huntos. The match, a true nail-biter to the finish had the Huntos sneak a victory of the penultimate ball and leave the entire campus stunned in disbelief. This cracker of a match eventually made a repeat in the finals of the tournament where Galacticos came out stronger than before to defeat Team Hunto convincingly and lift the 2012 edition of the BIM premier league cup.
The event concluded with every team going back a winner in some way. Be it the rich haul of awards or a Trove of knowledge. Everyone was a winner.

Fin Club, the finance committee of the Institute came up with a novel way to add more excitement to the tournament by announcing Super Selector, an online tournament where-in participants were asked to predict the best player and the team that would win on that day. Every BIMite, throughout the tenure of the tournament was completely hooked to such activities organized by the committees to commemorate BPL 2012.
With all this said and done. BPL 2012 surely left an indelible mark in the hearts of the 230 odd students of the campus. A Legacy hard to surpass in the near future.

Athenaeum 2012

Athenaeum is derived from the Greek word “Athenion”, meaning, the temple of Goddess Athena. Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom and of course civilization itself. The “Athenion” temple of ancient Greece also symbolized the place where scholars congregated to deliberate and nurture philosophy and thoughts.

With this brief, we welcome you all to Athenaeum 2012, the 6th edition of the International Management Research Conference at BIM. An endeavor where we plan a confluence of academicians, practitioners, researchers and students to discuss and deliberate topics on contemporary management issues. The theme for Athenaeum 2012 is “Innovative Management Strategies for Global Competitiveness and Sustainability”. Innovative management strategies are gaining tremendous importance in the era of managerial excellence. It has the potential for long-term maintenance of environmental, economic and social well being. Doing business the sustainable way in a competitive environment is the need of the hour and hence the necessity for academic and business researches to include appropriate parameters in their research models. We, as one of the stakeholders, want to showcase the best business practices and ideas that have a bearing on this broad theme. This year, Athenaeum 2012, aims at achieving this.

Athenaeum 2012 invites original papers from academia and practicing managers in various functional areas of management such as Marketing, Production and Operations, Finance, Human Resource, Systems and other relevant areas like Economics, Psychology, Political Science and others. We invite research papers that discuss best practices in the industry across the globe and (or) original ideas that can further contribute to the body of management research. Papers submitted will either fall under PhD Category or General Category as declared during online registration. Two best papers from each category chosen by a panel of experts will be awarded cash prizes at the Valedictory Function. Research papers from full time and part time research scholars pursuing doctorate degrees or which forms part of PhD thesis are eligible to be listed under PhD Category.

Crescita 2011: Indian Economics and Marilyn Monroe

Numbers, however innocent they may look have the rare ability of making or breaking an economy. Finance therefore results as a domain that is not only engrossing but also market manipulative. It thereby goes without a saying that the session with Mr. A. Balasubramanian, Senior Director – Project Finance, IDFC, was like a trip to the simulated world of finance as it is in reality.

He discussed in detail on investment strategy for India, the issues in India and the cushioning that India enjoys in times of global financial meltdowns . He spoke on the chaos all round the world persisiting due to the violent stock market reactions, the weak consumer demands and the U.S. double dip recession. He spoke on the issues that India faces at present namely, inflation with WPI being at its all time high, increasing interest rates, slippages in fiscal deficit, policy paralysis of the government and the downgrading of the GDP rates.

Mr. Balasubramanian also highlighted the advantage that India enjoys over other economies with respect to the present recession at hand. The Indian corporate houses enjoy a healthy balance sheet blessed with funds. Moreover the margins that have been set will be attained once the inflation cools down keeping India safe from the full brunt of the recession looming large. He also opined that government vandalism is not unique to India and discussed the key government bills and acts that helps regulate an otherwise unstructured set up.

Mr. A Balasubramanian, took up the query session with the students and in answering them, discussed the topics of market devaluation of stocks and profit maximisation and risk aversion being a factor for the shift from a win-win strategy to a lose-lose one.

He concluded saying that the economy of India is similar to Marilyn Monroe in may ways, quoting one of her very famous lines
“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

We couldn’t agree more!!!